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What Does Industrial Decor Look Like?

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In this blog, you will see:

  • Industrial Interior Design

  • industrial decor ideas

  • how to soften industrial decor

  • how to find budget-friendly industrial items

  • where to find industrial decor items

Industrial Interior Design

This is definitely my husband and my favorite design style. The blend of natural decor items with industrial elements fits our esthetic well.

In my blog, What are Design Styles and How to Choose Yours, I went over the key elements you will find in Industrial Interior Design, such as:

  • Exposed brick walls

  • Exposed pipes

  • Exposed beams

  • Metal and wood elements

  • Industrial “warehouse” lighting

  • Exposed light bulbs and Edison bulbs

  • Antiques

  • Open layout

  • Copper

  • Concrete

Unless you are one of the lucky few to live in an amazing loft, old warehouse, or converted church, your home may not lend itself to some of these elements - exposed beams or pipes, for example.

Our home is new, and the possibility of tearing out my ceiling and making it more industrial is not appealing to me … yet 🤔. But we are adding elements that give us the feeling of industrial design. When we first moved in, we started with decor items we already had. Many fit that industrial style already. As we have settled in our home, we have changed some items that we either no longer loved or didn’t fit with the industrial vibe we are going for.

It takes time and, frankly, money to shift your home’s aesthetics. We pay cash for everything, which means we take it a little bit at a time and make significant changes when we can - like painting rooms, changing the look of our fireplace, swapping out lighting, and adding furniture pieces.

An example of one recent change we made was to our dining room. I still love these trays, but they didn’t fit the space. In my blog, What Size Artwork Should Hang on My Wall, I talk about 60-75% of your wall space should be dec

Industrial Decor Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have an old home, loft, or converted warehouse, you have a lot of potential to nail the industrial style.

This industrial loft in downtown Springfield, Missouri, is an excellent example of using the natural architecture of this old building and blending it with modern living.

If your home is not an old loft or warehouse, you can change out lighting, add a brick wall, create a concrete wall, or add wood and beams to your ceiling or walls to achieve the look.

How to Soften Industrial Decor

The Industrial style can be very masculine, but don’t let that discourage you from using this style in your home.

There are ways to soften the room through textiles and plants.

This room presented by Better Homes and Gardens is a beautiful example of an Industrial Style home softened with textile elements.

Industrial living room
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

The sheer curtains, soft linen couch, and velvet pillows bring in a soft touch without taking away from the Industrial decor. Even the light fixtures, which are industrial, bring in a softened look with their unique shape and pliable material.

Industrial Decor on a Budget

Decorating in the Industrial Style doesn’t have to break the bank. My blog post, How to Find Amazing Decor at Antique Shops, walks you through how I shop Industrial finds to use in my own home decor. For instance, I found this fantastic crate piece, bottle caddy, and the legs to my whiskey bar at antique stores in my area.

Other places you can find unique industrial pieces would be on Facebook Marketplace, estate sales, and e-bay. This style lends itself well to purchasing used pieces.

Where to Find Industrial Decor Items

I know not everyone enjoys digging through old items to find decor for their home. You can definitely find Industrial Decor without thrift shopping. You can find items in just about any store you walk into or visit online. You are looking for characteristics. The industrial decor characteristics are relatively common if you know what to look for.

When shopping for items, I look for industrial decor pieces with natural elements.

When buying new, I’m also careful not to pick items that look over manufactured. You can tell those items were made to “look” industrial, like this clock on the left. It’s molded to look industrial, but it misses the mark on what truly an industrial style is going for. Avoid items like these when shopping. I would instead go simple like the white clock and find antique gears if you desire them for decor items.

We’ve gone over different ways to get an industrial home. We discussed:

  • what does industrial decor look like

  • industrial decor ideas

  • how to soften industrial decor

  • how to find budget-friendly industrial items

  • where to find industrial decor items

We are making many changes this week to our home to make it more industrial. Watch our Instagram @BlackDogUrbanArtistry to see our changes. I would love to see your industrial home. Add a picture in the comments!

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