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The Best Way to Keep A Desk Organized

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If you are like me, you have struggled with keeping your desk free from clutter. Anymore it's not even papers or books causing the issue. Those things are now all digital for me. It's all the gear! By the time I put my laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and even my printer on my desk, I am out of space and feel cramped.

Even though I have a place for everything and keep everything in its place, it's not enough. Add one thing like my iPad when taking notes, and it's all out the window!

Donuts on a plate

In a perfect scenario, I would only have my monitor, keyboard, and mouse on my desk, leaving room for my iPad, coffee, and maybe a snack 🤣. Priorities...right?

But let's be frank, you can't do anything with just a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You still need a place for the laptop.

Our Solution

My husband, Chris, and I tackled this problem with scrap wood we had in the shop. We decided a laptop holder that mounts to the wall would be the best solution. We could then keep it in the holder, close to the desk, plugged in, and ready to go, with no need to pull it out and put it on the desk.

How to Make a Wall Mount Laptop Holder for Yourself

It was so simple to make we decided to share.

Watch our video to see step-by-step how we did it.

OR download the free pdf instructions to build it yourself.

Wall mount
Download PDF • 276KB

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Circular, table, or miter saw

  • 1X10x4 board of choice

  • Wood clue

  • Drill

  • Countersink drill bit

  • 1-1/2" screws

  • Wood filler

  • Sand paper - 60 grit / 120 grit / 220 grit

  • Paint or stain

Step 1

Cut 3 pieces of wood

  • 13x7

  • 13x9

  • 13x2

(ProTip: Score the wood on the top by running the saw only partway through one time. Then finish the cut all the way through. This will keep it from blowing out, and splintering the wood.)

Step 2

Sand first with 60 grit, then 120 grit, then 220 grit on the inside of each board - the side you plan to use for the inside of the holder. (You will do the outside and edges after assembly).

Step 3

Mark the place for three screws 1/2" in from the long edge on the 13x9 board and then the 13x7 board.

Step 4

With a countersink drill bit, create pilot holes for the 6 screws.

Step 5

Put a bead of wood glue on one long edge of the 13x2 (Making sure the sanded side is facing up). Then take the 13x9 board (sanded side facing in) and screw to the 13x2 board.

Step 6

Put a bead of glue on the other side of the 13x2 board. Take the 13x7 board (sanded side facing in) and screw it to the 13x2 board.

Step 7

If painting: Fill screw holes with wood compound or wood filler.

If staining: Fill screw holes with matching stainable wood filler or fill with a dowel. For the dowel method:

  • cut off a 1/2" piece of dowel for each screw.

  • Put a bead of glue on the head of the screw.

  • Push the dowel in the hole and let it dry according to the glue instructions.

  • Once dry, with a pull saw, cut the dowel flush with the wood.

Step 8

Sand the outside and edges of the laptop holder, first with 60 grit, then 120 grit, and finally with 220 grit sandpaper.

Hanging a wall mount laptop holder

Step 9

Using a countersink bit, drill 1 hole in the top center or 1 hole in each top corner to secure to the wall.

Step 10

Paint or stain your new wall-mount laptop holder.

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