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Seasonal Items for Your Home without a Lot of Hassle

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

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To keep from getting bored with your home decor, try seasonal changes. A new season is a beautiful time to refresh the look of your home, and it doesn’t take a lot of hassle to make a seasonal change.

anchor pieces

repurpose decor

switch out decor

Anchor Pieces

Metal tray with winter pine, pine cones and candles

Look around your home. I’m sure there are what I can anchor pieces. These are pieces that make a good base for an arrangement of items. For instance, I have a metal tray in my home, which I found at a local shop on my dining room table. This tray is the perfect anchor piece.

Table decor for the spring

Most seasons, except Christmas (I will touch on later), this tray remains on my table, and I change out what is on the tray. Right now, it is winter, and it is adorned with wispy pine needles, pine cones, and warm candles.

I will trade out the items on the tray for periwinkle protea flower and antique glass bottles in the spring, which usually stay through summer. I change out to fall leaves in autumn and put back the candles I use in the winter.

Fireplace mantle decor for winter

Another staple item is an art piece on my mantle. The piece is wood with a white tree painted across the slats (reach out if you’re interested in me making you one). Since this piece is a neutral color, I leave it up year-round but change items on the mantle around it based on the seasons. Right now, you will find it with pine cone garland, a small 2-foot evergreen, small pine trees, and some of my favorite antiques. In the winter, it has more Christmas-type items with fairy lights. The spring and summer have touches of eucalyptus, spring branches, and dainty indigo flowers.

See what I mean by an anchor item?

Repurpose Decor

I pull out a lot of decor items during Christmas; I mean a lot. My home during the holiday season takes a major shift, but many of these items can be season-neutral items as well.

Fireplace mantle decor for Christmas

For instance, the pine tree that you will find on my mantle throughout winter was also there during Christmas. At that time, it had delicate fairy lights making it more festive. When the Christmas season had ended, I removed the fairly lights but left the tree.

On my table, you will find pine cones on my tray display. Those pine cones were in my breakfast nook, along with sparkling white pine cones, for the Christmas season. I removed the sparkling white cones and kept the natural pine cones to use in my winter decor.

As you are putting one season away, look for those season-neutral items that can be placed in a different arrangement in your home for the next season. Doing so keeps you from needing to store many items season to season. It will also minimize your cost when you have new items you need (or want :)) to purchase.

Switch Out Decor

There are some items I switch out altogether. For instance, the tray you find on my dining table gets put away during Christmas. Instead, you will find an antique metal bottle holder filled with Christmas florals, cinnamon, and pine cones on my table.

Christmas decor for your table

Other items that are great items to switch out are door wreaths, doormats, or decorative pillows.

What Did We Learn

  • Find anchor items and change out parts of the arrangement to freshen decor for a new season.

  • Use some items in multiple seasons but in different ways.

  • Switch out some items from season to season.

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