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Art Deco Interior Design

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Home Decor Items to Use in Art Deco

What is Art Deco?

Let’s face it Art Deco and Jazz go hand in hand. But do you have to be a jazz connoisseur to appreciate Art Deco? Of course not!

Art Deco is a sleek style that deviates from the traditional, aimed at symbolizing wealth and sophistication. Made most popular in the United States and Europe in the 1930s, it was named after the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, where the style was first displayed.

Women such as Academy Award-winning actress Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night and Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American movie star, exemplified this iconic style.

As I mentioned in my blog, What are Design Styles and How to Choose Yours, the key elements you will find in Art Deco are:

  • Geometric forms

  • Angles

  • Linear patterns

  • Chevron Patterns

  • Gold

  • Steel

  • Velvet and animal skin fabrics

  • High-end woods like zebrawood

  • Deep colors

Is Art Deco Still Popular Today

I don’t believe Art Deco ever went away, but I think it’s making a comeback in popularity. If you follow design trends, you already know Art Deco is on the verge of a resurgence.

Designers like Ken Fulk, India Mahdavi, Joseph Dirand, and Dimore Studio are already using influences from the Art Deco era in their modern designs.

Originally made famous by designers such as Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Jean Besnard, Rene Lalique, Albert-Armand Rateau, Georges Fouquet, and Serge Gladky, Art Deco has had a profound influence on every decade since. For example, the world-famous Chrysler building. Built in 1930, it still stands tall in all its glory. Inside and out, it is a beacon shining bright for the Art Deco era of design.

Chrysler building
Photo by Bhupesh Dawadi

Art Deco Functionality

Art Deco came about during the onset of the modern industrial era. Unlike Avante-Garde, which focused on handcrafted items, Art Deco embraced the emerging ability to mass-produce functional objects and build on a larger scale. Art Deco was seen in everything from ashtrays to skyscrapers and aimed to bring beauty into functionality. The American Version of Art Deco, which became the iconic Art Deco style, was much less ornate than its European counterpart, focusing on angular geometric forms and robust, bold design. Shapes such as sunbursts, chevron patterns, zigzags, and step and repeat patterns were trendy on floors, wall coverings, and furniture.

How Can I Decorate My Art Deco House

Maybe Art Deco is the perfect home esthetic for you, but how can you make it all happen? As I mentioned earlier, with Art Deco, you will want to rely heavily on Geometric forms, Angles, Linear, and Chevron Patterns. Metals such as Gold And Steel, textiles like Velvet and animal skin fabrics, High-end woods like zebrawood, and Deep colors were also used.

This stunning wallpaper from is the perfect example of an elegant way to bring in geometric shapes and deep color to set the tone for your Art Deco room.

This room presented by Ninatakesh on Instagram is a beautifully balanced space rich in Art Deco style.

Not ready to commit entirely to a fully traditional Art Deco theme? You can use elements in your home through furniture, glassware, and decor items to give the nod to this iconic style.

Art Deco Furniture

Lead interior designer for Trendey, Andrea DelMonico notes, “The style exemplifies the time period that it comes from. The 1920s was a time of glamour, luxury, and vibrant life. The furniture and decor from this time mirror that with luxurious fabrics, highly polished metals, and ornamentation.”

When I think of Art Deco, I think of furniture and style defined by glamour. What does that mean for you when looking for Art Deco furniture? Travis London, interior designer and owner of Studio London Co. says, “Art Deco is furniture characterized by geometric detailing and shapes, exotic woods (think zebra woods and mahogany), jewel-tone colors, lacquer, mirrored finishes, and shiny metal accents.” I suggest looking for exotic woods such as zebrawood, velvet-clad couches, and sleek metal bases.

Sideboard tables in exotic woods like this

one from Classy Home are the perfect example of a classic Art Deco piece.

Art Deco furniture has a distinct feel. Lean toward statement pieces like this sleek couch in plush green velvet and tables that blend metals, stones, woods, or lacquers.

Home Decor Items to Use in Art Deco

Mirrors are an easy way to hint at Art Deco in a space. They come in various sizes and designs but can make a room feel larger and add a touch of Art Deco to the area.

In Art Deco, you will also find a lot of glass decor, whether like this tabletop clock, lamps, or decor items like this glass perfume bottle.

If you want to change out core items in your home, like lighting, you can easily find unique Art Deco pieces. Can I recommend a few that won’t break the bank?

In this post we:

  • looked at The history of Art Deco

  • explored Is Art Deco still popular today

  • examined Art Deco‘s functionality

  • Answered the question, “How can I decorate My Art Deco House?”

  • Talked about Art Deco furniture

  • gave recommendations for Home Decor Items to Use in Art Deco

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