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5 Guy Gifts Every Man Didn’t Even Know He Wanted But Can’t Live Without

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

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As I mentioned in my last blog, 3 Holiday Decor Themes Trending for 2021, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the time with family, and watching my loved ones open the presents I picked out or sometimes made for them. Christmas may be a time we think of gifts for loved ones, but birthdays and anniversaries need not be forgotten. When it comes to presents for Chris and me, we have a different take. We don’t buy gifts for each other. Instead, we go shopping together and find something we both can enjoy. This year was Christmas Decor for the new house.

When I started out writing this blog I asked myself "what's a good gift to give a man". Since I am not a man I didn't feel equipped to answer that question. So, I gave Chris homework. I asked him to provide me with a list of 5 items he would want as a present. It seems simple enough. Um, well, he came back with a list of power tools, such as a new jointer and a bandsaw. Not exactly what I meant. On round 2, I gave him tighter parameters - a list of gifts he and his buddies would enjoy under $200.

Here are five men's gifts for around the house:

Norlan Whiskey Glass Set


Set of 2

Nolan Whiskey Glass

I can definitely see why this set of whiskey glasses from Norman Glass were first on his list. These glasses are a beautifully crafted, elegant yet masculine design. These glasses scream to be displayed next to your best bottle of whiskey.

Canvas Tool Roll


If your man likes tools, then he will love this rolled tool bag from Lifetime Leather Company. Not only is this tool roll durable, but you can opt to have it personalized. For an additional $48, you can include 14 standard wrenches, a socket set with a 3/8 inch drive ratchet, and a standard hex key set—a perfect tool bag for the garage or to leave in a vehicle.

Grave Before Shave Travel Beard Pack


Grave Before Shave Beard Grooming Kit

Now, not every man has a beard. And not every woman likes a man with a beard, but you can’t deny beards are growing in popularity. The days of a clean shaved man has definitely become less expected. So in honor of No Shave November I suggest getting your significant other a beard grooming kit for his new scruff.

Being married to a man with a beard, I can tell you there is a night a day difference between a well groomed beard and one that makes him look like he’s been shipwrecked for months on a dessert island. You both will love this new kit.

Buy Here

Thermapen® ONE


Thermapen® ONE

Chris loves to use his smokers and wants every gadget imaginable to make it easier. Having a quick, accurate way to check your work is essential to the end result. As they say, “If you're lookin‘ it‘s not cookin‘“ and this thermometer has an accuracy spec of ± 0.5°F (± 0.3°C) in one second or less. Bring on that amazing smoked turkey this holiday season. I'm drooling already!

Themed boxes for People Who Give a Damn

$45 per box

These Bespoke Post Themed Boxes are perfect for letting your man try new things each month. Take the quiz, preview the items, and receive the box. As he gives feedback on products, it will refine what he receives. Their products are provided by small businesses that generally would fly under the radar. Support small businesses by ordering from Bespoke. Your man will love you for it.

What’s on your man’s wishlist? Please share with the group so we can all have great gift ideas too!

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