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5 Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I love painting. Expressing myself through color, texture, and light brings me a lot of joy. To open a new, crispy white canvas and put that first stroke of color down is so satisfying. There are many ways to express yourself - singing, woodworking, writing, sculpting - I love all these things. But art is so subjective. Whether you like realism or expressionism, art is what speaks to YOU. What might have inspired that artist to create that piece of art may not be what made you fall in love with it. Your reaction is uniquely you.

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I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I would only come inside to watch Bob Ross. Those happy little trees drew me in, I guess. I have painted canvas and large-scale murals. I’ve decorative painted amazing homes. I’ve built furniture, made practical pieces for use in my home, created digital art, photography, jewelry making, and pulled out a good old piece of paper and a pencil to sketch something that caught my attention. Being an artist, I guess, shapes the way I view the world around me.

As an artist myself, I am drawn to unique pieces. Ones that you know are art but can trick your mind into believing it is so much more than that.

Today I am going to share five Instagram accounts that have drawn me in.

Watercolor in love

I love this style of watercolor. It has glimpses of realism, yet soft blocked in design brings a perfect balance to the paintings.

You can follow Watercolor In Love @watercolor_inlove

Faces of Santa Ana

The colors in these portraits are mesmerizing. The use of warm and cool tones brings an added dimension to their paintings. Even though you would not find these tones in real life, it is hard not to see the deep sense of realism your brain creates from these portraits.

You can follow Faces of Santa Ana on Instagram @facesofsantaana


These sketches from lusupov are fascinating. He does an amazing job providing your brain with all the information needed to fill in the rest. I especially love how he uses minimal lines and minimal shading—such a beautiful style.

You can follow lusupov on Instagram @art_iusopov

Street Art Lisbon

Murals are a beautiful way to not only use otherwise dead space but it reflects its community around them. My favorite murals are the ones that take the space, architecture, and natural surroundings into account when planning out the final piece.

You can follow Street Art Lisbon on Instagram @street_art_lisbon

Michelle Courier

Michelle Courier creates impressive nature scenes, but my favorite ones are her paintings of water. They are so realistic I feel I could stick my hand in and feel the cool sensation of the water touching me.

You can follow Michelle Courier on Instagram @michelletcourier

Of course, this is only a handful of the fantastic artists out there. Being an artist truly is a professional that is a labor of love. Show an artist some love today. Put in the comments your favorite artist and a link to their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or website.


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